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Shaun creates music that can be stripped right back and played on an acoustic guitar, treating songs as stories based on relationships and everyday experiences. He invests a lot in the song writing and production process spending hours in the studio to get the best out of the songs.  His dad played in a band in the early 1960’s and so music was a big part of his childhood. He grew up listening to early Motown, 60’s pop and 70’s rock which has inevitably influenced the song writing and the Tobar sound.


Shaun is inspired by musicians that have overcome challenges in their life and have been able to express their experiences through their music.  He loves storytelling and musicians that can connect with people through their songs and performances, citing artists such as John Lennon, The Beatles, Van Morrison, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, The Stones and ELO amongst many!  The things that Shaun enjoys most is being in the moment, creating something meaningful with the band and being able to express it in a way that connects with others.

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Bassist Jase Dudley. Since the early 90’s, former Romeo and Pergau Dam bassist Jase, has worked with some of the UK’s top producers and musicians, performing at many prestigious venues up and down the country.


With hints of James Jamerson and John Paul Jones influencing his playing, Jase has developed a unique playing style that incorporates heavy plectrum work with percussive ghost notes that provides a solid foundation for the Tobar rhythm section.

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Guitarist Andy Clarke. Schooled by an ikon and legendary jazz guitarist of the 1960’s, Andy fuses jazz, blues and rock guitar to add essential musical shades to compliment Shaun’s warm velvety vocal tones by doing exactly what the songs need.


Humble in his approach, Andy crafts infectious riffs and thoughtful chord progressions that compliments Tobar’s song writing.


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Known for his onstage antics, former Lost Dogs drummer Duane, began his musical career in the early noughties playing drums in the highly acclaimed band the Daniels alongside brother Shaun.


Heavily influenced by the 90’s Seattle sound, southern rock and dirty blues, Duane's style is hard hitting like his idols Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and Mathew David Cameron.

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